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Provide natural support to the brain and gut in a scoop-a-day!

Your dog’s brain and gut impact on their behaviour, which can limit training progress and seem like you aren't making any progress at all at times!

CALM-K9 has been specifically formulated by vet, behaviourist, trainers and a team of nutritionists to provide natural support to your training by helping to support your dog's brain and gut microbiome.

Working with a team of nutritionists, we’ve formulated a natural powder specifically designed to support the training and owning of dogs that:

Bark and lunge ~ Lack calmness ~ Pull on lead or don’t listen ~ Become easily distracted ~ Or generally need support to be their happiest!

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Get an All-Natural Dog Joint Supplement (including Turmeric) to help Support an Ongoing Active and Happy Life by Promoting Mobility, Aiding Stiffness, and Supporting Healthy Joints!

FLEXI-K9 has been specially formulated to aid and support joint function by combining a comprehensive range of ingredients aimed at helping Glycosaminoglycans found in the joint cartilage, tendons, and synovial fluid.

It also provides materials aimed at supporting the inflammatory response and mopping up the free radicals associated with damage or degradation of the joint - including Turmeric!

FLEXI-K9 ingredients have been carefully selected by a team of nutritionists, vets, and trainers to provide the best of what science and nature can offer your dog.

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Is your dog drinking enough?

Are they drinking enough during exercise, hot days or when travelling?

Is your dog a sports dog or simply super active?

This is exactly why we developed FRESH-K9, a highly palatable energy, electrolyte and rehydration drink for your dog!

Simply add a 1-2 tablespoons of the tasty powder to water, shake in a bottle, pour in a bowl and watch your dog actively choose to stay hydrated!

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The Wellness Supplement for Pet & Sports Dogs to Promote All-Round Wellbeing & Condition

Give your dog’s diet and, in turn, your dog a seaweed-powered super BOOST!

Wellness is all about supporting your dog as a whole - from their immune system, through to their brain and behaviour, organs, muscles, joints, skin and coat!

The world throws a lot at our dogs from pollution and toxins, infectious agents and general damage to the cells of their body - supporting the natural protection and healing systems in a world of less than natural assaults to their bodies is key!

Give your dog’s diet and your dog a seaweed-powered super BOOST, with:

  • Superfood Sea KELP - the vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant sea-derived powerhouse!
  • Nutrient-dense, vitamin and mineral-rich and antioxidant-packed SPIRULINA!
  • A unique blend of amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants in a tasty powder to add to your dog’s food daily!

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Gleam-K9 Towel


For dogs that want to sparkle.

The portable, multi-purpose towel that dries, cleans, cools and warms your dog.


We are unable to guarantee the colour you will receive.

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Gleam-K9 Towel

K9-Calm Mat

Lickable fun that’s naturally calming too! Our boredom-busting K9-calm enrichment mat puts your dog’s tongue to work and his mind at rest.

For hyperactive doggies that need a little time-out, or for a healthy distraction to anxious or “reactive” behaviour. Stimulating lick receptors on your dog’s tongue, these groundbreaking mats harness the naturally calming power of licking! This will do the trick!

Simply smear your chosen treat in the holes and let your pooch (and you!) enjoy a moment of peace.

  • Calming action
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lasts for years with proper care
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Use with your dog’s favourite treats
  • Suitable for all dog breeds, shapes and sizes
  • 3 fun colours

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K9-Calm Mat