Dogs in Motion Massage Therapy

Dogs in Motion

Hi there! My name is Marcelle, a veterinary surgeon with a passion for helping our canine friends overcome painful Musculo-skeletal issues.

Over the past few years, I have undertaken further education in the fields of canine rehabilitation, acupuncture, chronic pain management and therapeutic massage therapy. Being a member of the Canine Massage Guild means I’ve completed a 2- year course learning the science and skills to deliver effective Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue massage and Myofascial Release, where we correct fascial restrictions impeding your dog’s natural movement.

Muscular and fascial pain often accompanies many of the common orthopaedic and neurological conditions we see in dogs e.g. osteo-arthritis, cruciate injury, slipping knee- caps, displaced discs, spondylosis, muscle/tendon/ligament strains etc.


Unfortunately, this pain does not respond to drug therapy and needs other methods to reduce or eliminate it. This is where massage really can help. How? Massage can address the compensatory tension and knots (trigger points) held within the muscle allowing it to return to its proper relaxed length. In turn this will allow fuller joint movement and a more normal way of moving. Massage can release scar tissue, calm down pain signals by restoring the fascia (3D web of connective tissue) to a healthy state and enhance lymphatic drainage boosting your dog’s immune system too.

If you see your dog exhibiting signs of painful movement i.e. limping, struggling to get upstairs/in the car, reduced exercise tolerance, altered gait, depressed, reduced interaction with you, stopped play behaviour, restless especially at night etc, please consider that 1-3 sessions of massage may bring relief from chronic pain.

Cost: £40 per session. Each session involves full muscular examination, gait analysis and lasts about 1 hour.

For much more information please visit the website at the Canine Massage Guild or email: