Intolerance Test

Staveley Dogs recommends Skinners, it’s made in the UK and fantastic food for your dog. However, not every dog is lucky enough to enjoy ‘any’ food. Some dogs have food intolerances, this can show itself through skin problems, bowl issues and through their behaviour. You should always seek advice from your vet should you have any concerns about your dog. If your dog has any of the following issues, and you’ve seen your vet to rule out any serious problems, I would recommend taking a FREE intolerance test to see if the food your dogs on could be causing the problems.

  • Skin irritations
  • Recurring ear infections
  • Bowl issues-soft or hard. Going 4+ times a day
  • A strong dog odour that doesn’t go away
  • Behaviour problems*

*If you aren’t sure if your dog’s behaviour is due to food or not please get in touch and I’ll come to you to assess the behaviour and give you advice.

So how do you test your dog for any food intolerances?

You take a sample of your dog’s hair, this can be cut, plucked or brushed from the body of your dog. Send it off with some information about your dog in a sealed plastic bag to the wonderful people at Healthy Option Pet Foods and wait for the results.

Think of this test and the process your about to go through as a detox for your dog. The results are amazing, with over 8,000 dogs already seeing the benefits you’ll be amazed at what a small change can do for your dog.

See the test here...

If you’d like to know more please call or email Healthy Option Pet Foods.

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