Beyond Brilliant


We had volunteered for many years with Guide Dogs for the Blind and thought that we were experienced dog handlers, especially in training puppies from 8 weeks. Then we got Bramble!

We knew, from past experience that Golden Retrievers are stubborn and opinionated, but we found her very challenging indeed, and were in a downward spiral when Laura was the first to reply to my online plea for a dog trainer. We could not walk past other dogs without Bramble lunging towards them in an effort to play and it was impossible for us to walk with a friend with her dog.

Laura has an amazing ability to read dogs and their owners! Bramble responded immediately to Laura’s firm kindness and within about 5 mins on our first training walk with Laura, Bramble had been taught to calmly approach another dog. This gave us the confidence to know that she could do it and Laura was then unfailingly non judgmental patient, kind and encouraging, whilst over the next few weeks we gained the confidence to handle Bramble.

During this time Laura also suggested that we had some sessions walking with our friend and her dog and in fact Laura ended up training both dogs. Bramble is now an absolute pleasure to take out and her favourite thing in the whole world is going to stay with Laura.

We have come across many dog trainers over the years and all that I can say is that she is brilliant and I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.