Essential Professional Help For Us and Our Rescue Dog


We are so happy we found Laura, she’s taught us so much in such a short time, and instilled much confidence in us as dog owners.

We rescued a lovely 2+ year old German shepherd cross, who had never been trained to walk on a lead, had not been properly socialized with dogs or humans, and who had not experienced many of the sights and sounds of the environment outside the house. As a result she was very nervous when we got her, and as her owners we knew we also had a lot to learn in order to settle her and make her the family pet we wanted.

We had booked our first session with Laura for the day after bringing our dog home, but in the short time before this, we were already feeling stressed and overwhelmed with a strong dog that pulled on the lead, had disturbed sleep, and barked at other dogs and new people. So we were very ready for help!

After just her first consultation with us, where we chatted about what we wanted to achieve with our dog, Laura taught us how to behave calmly around our dog in the house and on walks; to set our house rules and implement them, she explained the dogs behaviour to us which helped us understand her and how to treat her. The change in our dog and our lives was instant, that night the dog slept through, we were empowered with new knowledge and walking her became manageable and continued to improve week on week. Laura had correctly assessed us and our dog within a few short sessions and gave us the tools to bring out the best in our dog.

A few months on and we have all bonded well, and we now have the happy, affectionate family dog we always wanted, and that’s because of Laura’s amazing help!