Great Advice for Difficult Breeds! We’re Incredibly Happy!


If Laura looks after your furry friend it’ll be more than just a walk in the woods – when Holly our – now 1 year old – Samoyed got back from walks with Laura she’d been told not to pick up plastic and sticks off the floor, progressed with her lead training, behaved a little better with other dogs and the latest thing she learned was waiting in the hedge for a car to go by when Laura gave the command ‚in‘!

After joining puppy classes in Windermere with a lot of other dogs we felt that we were not giving Holly the training attention she needed and we started looking for 1:1 training for her. Especially with her being a Samoyed, a stubborn breed, renowned for barking, chasing small (and big) animals and as she had left her family too early to have learned proper behaviour with other dogs, we wanted to get up to a good start with her training.

Laura‘s approach was just what we needed. She took time to discuss the problems and improvements we saw every week and all training was targeted to Holly. She worked with Holly and with us for over 6 months on various general training and some more specific issues, especially Holly‘s excitement with people and other dogs. Holly is now a year old, doesn’t jump up on children anymore, has a mostly reliable recall, walks well on the lead, doesn’t steal food anymore, barks less and stops barking when we tell her to and meets other dogs more respectfully. Laura has given us all the expert advice and tips we needed on weekly training walks and came up with plenty of useful suggestions such as using a slip lead to discourage Holly from pulling.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a good dog trainer who understands each breed and each individual dog and their characteristics and challenges. She’s also a great dog walker, reliable and accommodating, and always surrounded by a happy pack.