Professional Service With a Great Outcome


Flare is a two year old Labrador whom we bought from a breeder when he was 14 months old. He was generally very well behaved at home with us but he struggled to accept my adult son who lives with us on weekdays but goes away each weekend. Flare would bark at him whenever he came in or moved around the house and sometimes this behaviour would include nips and growls. We had made several unsuccessful efforts to deal with this using information gathered from books or the internet and were beginning to despair when we contacted Laura.

Laura visited us to meet Flare and the family and to witness the behaviour, and she then provided advice and strategies for various situations and demonstrated with Flare how this could calm him. We put these measures in place and a follow up visit was arranged when she commented on the improvements in his behaviour and gave us further advice, and by the time Laura made a third visit we were pleased to demonstrate that Flare and my son are now best friends and the problems have gone away.

Laura is able to diagnose the problem quickly and explain in simple terms why a particular behaviour has developed and what can be done to solve it. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we would recommend her to anybody needing help with their dog.