Wonder Women of the Dog World!


We spoke to Laura about training before we picked up our 6-week old rescue puppy Snow, and she couldn’t have been more helpful. She gave us hints and tips and made the first few days easier for us.

We started training in the garden, Laura listened to what we wanted to achieve and what was important to us. We were amazed how quickly Snow was picking up all the commands that Laura was giving. I truly believe this is because Laura knows dogs and knows what works for each dog as an individual.

Laura has given help and support with everything from, lead walking, recall, diet and behaviour. She has been very kind and helped our son to train Snow as well so that we can all work together as a family.

When we go away for a few days or a longer holiday Snow always goes to Laura’s. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with Snow and he absolutely loves going on his holidays to Laura’s.

I can’t recommend Laura enough and happily do so, without hesitation.